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Overview of Formal Report:

Please read the full requirements for this next assignment on your Addendum. This week, you should pick your issue and define what you want your community to include. For example, if you feel you belong to a community of those in their 20s, then you might pick an issue plaguing that specific age group. If you'd like to work on an issue that's a problem where you live, thats fine also. The word "community" may be used rather loosely, so just pick a group of people you feel you're part of, and that can be your community.


Step 1: Choose a community. Then, choose an issue.

Step 2: Once you have a topic, you need to look at your issue in specific parts in order to understand it better. Typically, when you analyze something, you try to look at all of the Ws and the H: who, why, when, where, how. You might come up with questions like this:

1. Why does this problem occur?

2. What is the specific problem? (define in detail)

3. When did it begin? When does it occur?



If you cannot have this done in the next 24 hours please dont apply

4. Who does it involve? Who is included in my community?

5. Where does the problem take place? Is it more likely to occur in a specific place or at a specific time?

6. How can the problem be fixed?

Step 3: When you have a list of questions to answer, begin your research so that you can answer your questions in detail. Remember, choose academic sources when you research. You will attach a Reference page to your report, and you are graded on sources you select. Choose wisely. You need at least three sources. You might look at scholarly journal articles [again, NC live is great resource], newspaper articles, government websites, conduct interviews, etc.

Step 4: Prepare your report. Your report should be 7-8 pages, but this includes a title page, an abstract page, the body pages, and a reference page. So, you are NOT writing 7-8 full pages of text, the body will likely be 4-5 pages with headings.

Please follow APA guidelines and set it up as a formal report [See attached example]. Don't forget to include the following:

1. A running head, which is your title.

2. An abstract: you need a brief summary of your report. Write this last. It's hard to write a summary until you've written the whole report.

3. An analysis that is divided with headings: I urge you to use headings in your report.The headings will help your report appear reader-friendly and will keep you organized. Also, be sure to be consistent with the style of your headings. In the attached example, you will notice all of the headings are in the form of a question. It's fine to use the questions as your headings, or make your own. But, be consistent.

4. A reference page. Don't forget to include that.

The example I've attached is rather lengthy, use it as a guide for formatting and style. Also, don't forget about the link to APA guidelines on our Moodle page.



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