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Please answer  each question with explicit  references to  text materials  and video sources as evidence for your claims. Please limit your response to no more than 1500 words (maximum of three pages)  for the entire exam. Also clearly identify  each question you are to answer separately. Finally, use font 12.0 and double space for ease of reading by your elder professor!
Question one
What comparative advantages did Texas have over Alabama in cotton production starting in the 1920s and what does this teach us about more 20th and 21st century sources of competitive advantage in global industries such as Cotton? 
Question two :
Examine the so called Race to the Bottom argument  through the perspectives of the workers who are recruited to the textile mills and the regional economies where these textile mills were built. How are these workers impacted by their employment in these mills? How were the  regional  economies impacted by so called sweat shops of the textile industries?


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