Project #155498 - watch a documentary films

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/06/2016 12:00 am

for 15 points, watch a documentary and write a 300-word reflection about how it relates to our course.


You may watch any TWO of the films, for a maximum of 30 points (choose two of them)


Food, Inc.: Streaming on Netflix 

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Streaming on Netflix

This Changes Everything


you can use this website for the first two films


Course Description and Goals:

In this course, you will become acquainted with major approaches to thinking about ethics, and with some contemporary moral issues. You will learn some basic philosophical tools and increase your ability to use them. Rather than being told what to think about ethical issues, you will increase your capacity to make your own judgments, to create and critique your own views on moral issues, and to defend the reasoning behind your commitments, both verbally and in writing. You will do this through a combination of close reading of texts, analysis of problems and arguments, participating in focused discussion, and reflective and argumentative writing.  An education in ethics develops skill in imagining and inhabiting other perspectives. We’ll work on some of the following: developing charitable interpretations of views that differ from one’s own, developing awareness of the limitations of one’s own perspective, developing the capacity to “stand in another’s shoes,” and cultivating empathy for others.


Course Ethos:

In this class, we’ll be discussing and reading about topics that reach our most closely held beliefs and values. Respect for others is key to the goals of the course. We won’t always agree, but consensus is not always the goal. Some guidelines for creating an inclusive learning environment include: admit uncertainty, strive for common ground rather than for winning an argument, be eager to consider views that differ from your own, and give credit where credit is due. 



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