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Strategic Planning and Leadership in Health Care

Individual Assignment: Role Marketing Manager


As the Marketing Manager of ABC hospital, you are responsible for providing guidance and leadership to your health care employees. You hold monthly meetings for high-level staff to address employee and other concerns. In your most recent staff meeting, you focused on trends that are alarming to you: a rising employee turnover rate and declining morale among staff. What leadership competencies are needed to reverse these trends? Propose a plan for the hospital that answers each of the questions below. The plan should include a short executive summary, a section with a heading for each question, and a conclusion that speaks to prioritization and implementation.

Develop a solution to the case based on what works best for your role. The solution will include: 

  • an overall statement of the management challenge presented by the case 
  • a statement of the facts of the case 
  • a proposal that addresses the challenge and that states what would be best from the perspective of your role 
  • a defense of the proposal 
  • Introduction, conclusion, and reference page
  • typed in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, double-spaced, with margins no wider than one inch
  • have footnotes or endnotes with correct citations in APA format


This project require 3 – 4 pages of text.


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