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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/22/2016 05:00 pm

Research from an international human resource management perspective into the legal and political environment, labor and skill availability, recruitment, training and development practices, national ethics and business etiquette, industrial relations, safety and security risks associated with doing business in one of six countries/regions identified in the SHRM Global Learning System: Canada, China, EU, India, UK and US (with USA being the least preferred because it is ‘domestic’).


provide a 3-4 page full sentence (not including the reference page) outline   

Be sure each of the sections below are represented:


• Title Page

• Introduction – purpose of presentation

• The Political and Legal Environment

• Demographic, Labor and Skill availability (host country, expatriate, transnational)

• Recruitment Practices, Recruitment Agencies availability

• Business Ethics and Values

• Business Etiquette

• Industrial Relations

• Safety and Security Risks

• References


The outline should also meet the following requirements:

• Full sentence outline that includes all of the areas that need to be covered in the final assignment.

• Each topic area should include a minimum of 2 subtopics

• There should be a reference page that includes a minimum of 6-8 references AND should be cited within the outline




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