Project #155536 - managerial communication

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1.   1.  Summarize at least three expectations of​ peons, or subordinate employees. These expectations may be listed in the employee​ handbook, or they may be unspoken expectations.

2.      How do​ for-profit and nonprofit organizations differ in striking a balance between hiring diverse workers and the​ highest-quality workers? What central problem does this difference​ illustrate?

3.     What are the three kinds of homophily a person can have in the​ workplace, and how do they affect employee relationship​ building?

4.     Outline the​ four-stage process that occurs when a person is​ harassed, from his or her point of view.

5.     What is a common criterion for layoffs in the context of downsizing and​ rightsizing? In other​ words, who is often discriminated against first when organizations become​ smaller, and how are these actions a blatant example of poor​ discrimination?


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