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I need to develope a Appraisal system statement for a portfolio in this class. My company company is K' Smitten your style fashion boutique. 

here is how the project should be completed. please use work cited. if access to my book is needed please email me. 

Assignment 1: Project: Appraisal System Statement

This week, you’ll continue working on your HR Manual and develop an appraisal system statement for your business concept.

In a minimum of 350 words, develop a statement about your company's appraisal system in an MLA-formatted Word document. Your appraisal system statement should include the following:

  • Company's values and belief in performance appraisals
  • Determine the form/type of appraisal and how often employee appraisals will take place. Note if there is a difference between management evaluations
  • Determine how appraisals will be administered to employees and management.


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