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I have (a research - report) assignment for my "Information technology management" course.

- The research - report ITIL topic about: Service Operation Stage. And I've been assigned to write a research - report in the following subjects:

    4.5.2 Problem Management Process: ( one page )

  • Purpose, Objectives, and Scope of Problem Management.
  • Reactive Activities vs. Proactive Activities.
  • Problem Management process flow.

   4.5.3 Event Management Process: ( one page )

  • Purpose, objectives, and Scope of Event Management.
  • Difference between Monitoring vs. Event Management (i.e., managing event).

   4.5 Request Fulfillment Process: ( one page )

  •  Purpose, Objectives, and Scope of Request Fulfillment.
  •  Request Fulfillment process flow 

- Research - report instructions:

  • The report should focus more on practical information about each assigned topic ( e.g. how to implement the assigned topic, or how we can implement and use the assigned topics to create value for our business ) and less on the general information about each topic (e.g. a list of benefits of the assigned topic)
  • write detailed information about each topic assigned
  • example of each topic assign to demonstrate how the assigned topic is actually implemented in the real world
  • The report should be typed with 1.5 spaced.


I attached a picture of my assingment topics, to understand the requirments. 


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