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Practitioners of the different models often take a critical view of one another. The behaviorists disagree with the concepts of the psychoanalysts, and members of the cognitive model don’t agree with the principles of either of those models. This assignment is designed to give you an appreciation of how people from one model disagree with those from other models.    

Discussion Question

1. In a post to the discussion, write two to three paragraphs in defense of Piaget’s organismic model and theory of cognitive development.

·        * Why is it the best way to view children and how they change as they grow?

·       *  Use information from the textbook, instructor commentaries, or outside sources in developing your argument.

·        * You can also use personal observations of children as examples to bolster your argument.  However, don’t reveal anything about the children that you would be uncomfortable sharing, and please be sure not to identify the children. Keep them anonymous. 




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