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No more than 1 page total, average 1/2 page per learning activity, all sources are attached.

All responses are to be substantive, showing critical thinking. They must also be free from grammatical and spelling error. Here are the guidelines:

- Responses must be in paragraph format, labeled and be interactive to promote further discussion unless the activity requires otherwise;

- Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and be fully justified;

- Use resources from any assigned course material;

- Use APA formatting for any in-text citations and references.


Learning Activity 1 - Theme One


The importance of having a decision making style

Take the following quiz and determine what your decision making style is and describe it to the class. Then using the reading from this week comment on ways that you might improve and perhaps even change your decision making style to create one which would improve your performance as both a leader and a manager. Make sure to describe the difference between the two styles of a leader and manager when discussing the changes as well as how the job might affect your style. Finally comment on whether your style should be changed depending upon the job or task that requires the decision or if you can suggest that it remain constant instead.


Finding your decision making style quiz:


Discover Your Decision Making Style


Learning Activity 2 – Themes Two


“To make good decisions these days, leaders and managers must collect extensive and disparate information, balance potentially conflicting needs and goals, gather a team with diverse expertise, and then make decisions in an ever-changing landscape with an unpredictable future.”

Dr. Jim Taylor.



Using the readings for this week, explain the quote and what it means for today’s leaders and managers.


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