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Watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, episode 1 ( 


Watch Jamie Oliver's Teach Every Child documentary (


Answer the following questions in paragraphs (at least 3 sentences each):


Part A- Please answer the following: (20 points) 

1. Do you think Jamie Oliver's approach at the elementary school in Huntington, West Virgina will help bring about change in the lunch room? Why or why not? 

2.Do you think Jamie Oliver will make a successful impact? Why or why not? How would you do things differently?

3. Do you agree with what Jamie Oliver presented on Ted Talks? Why or why not?  

4. Based on Jamie Oliver's presentation on Ted Talks and Food Revolution show, how would you implement change in the school lunch room or in a child's family? Please be specific and realistic in your response. 


 Part B: This is a “Reflective” Exercise (5 points)

Choose two of your classmate’s responses to Part A above and write a short (minimum of 200 word each) reflective response in the Discussions Area. Please observe the rules of “netiquette” when answering responses (


Please keep in mind of your discussion posts, in terms of spelling and grammar as well (the instructor will deduct points).




These were the two classmate responses:


Person A -

1. Do you think Jamie Oliver's approach at the elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia will help bring about change in the lunchroom? Why or why not?


I think it was good that Jamie went high up to make changes. Unfortunately, the restrictions they have for school lunches are hard to get by. The budget is just one aspect that puts some limitations on changing school lunches. It is going to be difficult for Jamie to fit a healthy lunch that meets the criteria he is given. He was told he needed two breads for his lunch, even though his meal included brown rice. When the children were faced with a choice of chicken or pizza, the majority chose pizza. If the kids are given an unhealthy option, they will often choose it and this makes it difficult to make change.


2.Do you think Jamie Oliver will make a successful impact? Why or why not? How would you do things differently?


I think Jamie came into Huntington too harsh. He went to the radio station and slammed the people about how unhealthy they are. This made the people defensive, and thus more stubborn to change. I think he should have come in with a more open mind about how the people would be reluctant to change. I would have stated some things they were doing right and made small suggestions for improvement instead of aiming for a huge change right away. I think once the people start to realize how unhealthy they are, they will take Jamie’s word and make better choices. His approach when he went to the family’s home and showed them all the food they have been eating in one place was a good. This probably left an everlasting impact on the family. I think he will make an impact on the people that can see his point of view, but overall these people feel attacked and will be reluctant to changing.


3. Do you agree with what Jamie Oliver presented on Ted Talks? Why or why not?  


Jamie presents facts on Ted Talks that cannot be denied. It is scary to look at the downward spiral America is on when it comes to diet related diseases. I agree that globally, many countries have a problem with their diets. Obesity is a huge problem that can be prevented and we need to take a stand and educate the people about how harmful some foods can be to their bodies.


4. Based on Jamie Oliver's presentation on Ted Talks and Food Revolution show, how would you implement change in the school lunchroom or in a child's family? Please be specific and realistic in your response.


In the school lunchroom I would try to make changes higher up. The guidelines need to be adjusted so that way healthy lunches are attainable. If lunches have to contain two breads, the children might be getting too many carbohydrates and lead to weight gain. Some of the restrictions do not lead towards a healthy lunch. Lunches should also choose the healthier options. For example, instead of using white rice, they should be fed brown rice. Substitutions like these should be made in all aspects of school lunches. In the family, I would try to implement small changes at a time. It would be nearly impossible to change a diet that has been set for years. Educating the family about why the things they are putting in their bodies are harmful would make a big impact. If they understand as to why certain foods are better for their health, they would be more likely to eat it. Again, suggesting healthier alternatives would be a great start to implementing healthier eating habits in families.



Person B -

1. Honestly, I do not think that Jamie can bring about change in the lunch room. Obviously, I would love to see him succeed and actually change the way the school system serves children "food", however because the government has such strict rules about school programs, I do not see them changing anytime soon. My cousin is actually a dietitian for a school district in Arizona and I have hear horror stories about her trying to make change and never getting anywhere. The part in the video where the principal is all fussy about Jamie's meal not having two servings of bread, when the meal contains rice, is so amusing. It is so sad that our population is so uneducated about food and health that they blindly follow rules that shouldn't really be followed. Obviously the principal, lunch ladies, and the woman who informs Jamie about budget, are all skeptical about him changing the program because they know the program and how hard it is to maneuver. So, as much as I would love to see Jamie succeed in changing this city's school lunch program, I do not think he will because of all the powers working against him.


2. I do think that Jamie has the power to make a successful impact on this city. I know that people are hard to change but I really hope that he can make some sort of difference in these people's lives. I love that he is trying to go on the radio, start in the schools, get parents involved, and even visits the one family, individually. I think that because he is trying to approach the problem from multiple angles, he has a great shot at affecting someone, somewhere. I think that if I was given this opportunity, I wouldn't start with the schools, I would start with the homes. I would spend time with families, one on one, and change them for the better. If I could spend a substantial amount of time with, say 20, families, and make an impact on the way they ate, maybe those children would bring their lunch to school. Those children would be guaranteed to eat nutritious meals all day long. I don't see much point of forcing the children to eat healthy at school and then they go home and stuff themselves full of junk. Not saying that Jamie's approach is wrong, I would just start at the home rather than the school.


3. I 100% agree with what Jamie says in his TED talks. We know the cure to obesity and obesity-related diseases and we are doing nothing about it. Obesity is a disease. Diabetes is a disease. Diseases that we know the cause of and yet we are ignoring these diseases because they are so common. Americans are lazy and have chosen to ignore the fact that our eating habits are killing us. However, I really think the base of the problem is education. This children not knowing what fruits and vegetables looked like and not being taught how to use forks and knives at school, is a very sad truth of our country. People know that processed food is "bad" for them but they don't know why. I think that if we educated our population better, taught them basic nutrition skills at a young age, more people would eat healthier because they know why they should do it. 


4. Based on the two videos, and kind of summarizing what I have already said, I would start with education. I think that education is the #1 tool necessary for success of changing to a healthier lifestyle. I really enjoy they way Jamie started with the family by putting all their processed food piled up on the table. I also really liked that he took them to the doctor and scared the parents a little. I think that they key to causing change in a family starts with the parents. Inform them that yes, they are setting their children up for failure. Be a little harsh and truthful. But tell them that its okay, don't dwell on what is done, instead let's work really hard to fix it. I would show the family myplate, give them books, magazines, introduce them to pinterest and make them watch food documentaries. Anything that will motivate them to start the change, but also something to help them keep going. One thing that I think is really important is spending enough time with the family. Everything Jamie did was great, but I think when he left the house, the family obviously went back to their normal, comfortable ways, because that is human nature. If the family really wants to change it is important to let them know, we need to be consistent and meet often, over a pretty long period of time, to create substantial change. 


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