Project #155652 - Analysis of Organizational Company

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- people are taking upon multiple roles in the company and employees cant keep up as they are always conflicting
-No one in the company has power except for Arthor
-very little gets done, lack of coordination therefore staff is angry.

- need to identify what type of structure this organization. This organization is a simple structure and it is trying to develop into a machine bueracracy but is very disfunctional at doing do.

- it is a simple structure because of direct supervision but arthor has information over load occur.

- there is no standardization of work, they just use mutual adjustment to get things done.

- use lecture slides in powerpoint to explain this and relate to this company and include recommendations (i will provide)

-there is a sall techno structure but it is not functioning correctly for example arthor hires a machanic but gives him no power. Has his wife clare as a middle manager but causes too many problems when arthor compands work. so how can this improve?

- Arthor needs to evolve his company into a machine bueracracy.

- His wife clare exhibits many communication barriers explain why it would be wise to leave her as a manager and how this can cause problems (vertical communication)
(Gender related barriers slide in powerpoint)

-Work force is small therefore there is little work where this organization is located but it malfunctions due to maitnence and managerial (which are types explained in power point slides)

ALL questions on assignment sheet need to be answered.

1. its a simple strcuture (explain using points from this company)

2. conditions are direct supervision and mutual adjustment

3. key modes of organizing work are adaptive function, research development in order to grow.

4. strengths and weakness of this structure (use mutual adjustment, direct supervision which is a strength)

5. things that can be done differently are that its good that the company is small but it needs to grow (machine buracracy)

6. functions being carried out are maintnence and managerial.

7. barriers of communication ( explain and relate to organization) (in slides)

8. recomendations: standardization of work and middle line manager




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