Project #155743 - Key consideration factors related to R.J. Reynolds strategic analysis

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 12:00 am

Hi there, our team has already wrote the paper, but we need you to condense it, cut it short to four pages long, but please do not delete things on the original paper, please just leave the comment to say why you think we should get rid of it. 

Please also make slides based on the paper we wrote, about current challenges ( if there is any for RJ Reynolds), which is internal analysis, and also external analysis, that includes the economic, government& legal, demographic and technology aspects. If you think some of the elements does not reflect on our company,  you can just pick two or three of them.  The slides also need to include the porter's fives analysis. If you are not familiar with the porter's fives analysis, you may need to do some research. I truly appreciate it. There are 6-8 slides needed in total.

I will attach 2 slides as examples done by my classmates. Please take a look and read our paper carefully in order to decide what is on slides.

I appreciate it  



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