Project #155765 - Creating a Survey

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2016 12:00 am

In this assignment, you will create a survey. First, write five survey questions into a free survey tool on the Internet. For your grade, copy your five survey questions into a Word document followed by a 1-2 paragraph assessment. Submit your written work to the drop box.

Before you begin to work on your assignment, review the detailed instructions below:

  1. For your questions, choose an appropriate health-related topic of interest to you on which you can survey others. The topic should be basic, non-offensive, and applicable to a wide variety of people.


    • Rate the cleanliness of the building and office of your last doctor's appointment
    • Rate your feelings on whether your medical questions were answered by the doctor, at your last doctor's appointment, to your satisfaction)
    • Gather data on waiting time in the physician office before seeing a physician
  1. Follow the guidelines for survey questions offered in this module's assigned reading on creating a survey.
  1. For your free survey tool on the Internet, consider using the tool offered by SurveyMonkey. (See if it is still available at Follow the instructions on the free survey site you decide to use. If your survey tool allows you to email the survey, try sending it to your faculty member, classmates, friends and family members. Check the responses!
  1. Copy your five survey questions on a separate Word document. Beneath your five questions, write 1-2 paragraphs in which you assess your survey experience. Consider, for example, how you would prefer to take your own survey. Would you prefer to take it through an Internet survey tool, through a paper survey that comes by mail, verbally with someone you know, or by filling out a form at a healthcare office? Should you offer to reward or pay someone for the time to fill out your survey? Include any comments that you would like on what was interesting, difficult easy relating to writing the survey questions.


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