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  1. Topic: Nike
  2. Country: India
  3. Guidelines for Project

    Below is a guideline for the team project. Your team is a consultancy charged with the responsibility of providing the executive management of a major public company with effective insight on whether the company should carry-out or maintain a foreign direct investment opportunity. Consider your audience as those who will design and execute the general strategy of the firm. That said, your job is to provide a comprehensive corporate assessment and a macroeconomic analysis that would provide analytical insight for strategic decision making.


No need for Introduction/history of the company. Just provide the following analysis. This is part of a team project.



Commentary and Recommendations

  1. Consultative analysis – We recommend reducing foreign invesments in India.

  2. Implications for company - Economic/ethical issues and concerns. What is the purpose and why?

  3. Conclusion

    1. Future of the company - Whats the plan?

    2. Future of the country - What can Nike do to make an impact to the country? What did they do to impact the country currently?

    3. Affirm corporate decision 



  1. Our decision is reducing invesment in India. 4 pages would be ideal.


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