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The paper should be at least 2 but not more than 3 pages long, typed, double spaced, 12pt font, one inch margins.  

The readings present two separate articles (or excerpts from two articles) representing opposing, or differing viewpoints.  Each complex issue is presented in a debate-type format that exposes you to differing views on the same subject.  Of course, there are often more than two sides to a debate.  Debate is an ongoing conversation that involves both conflict and consensus, where individuals use evidence to justify their arguments.   These arguments involve logical reasoning, research and scientific or documentary evidence; they are not simply unsupported opinions.

This paper will require you to engage in a critical analysis of the readings.  A critical analysis is more than a summary of the author’s main points; however, it is important that you show me you understand the main point the authors are trying to make by reviewing his or her thesis (main argument).  Therefore in the first part of your paper you should introduce the issue being discussed and then tell me what each author is saying about it.  What is the key issue being debated and what is each author arguing about that issue? Paraphrase the author’s arguments (put them in your own words) do not simply quote long passages from the original documents (although short quotes illustrating your points are fine).

For the second part of your paper you should analyze what the authors are trying to say.  You will evaluate the arguments that you have read.  Is the argument logical? Does the author present convincing evidence?  Is the argument clear and well presented?  Has the author answered the question?  Has one author presented a more convincing case?  Do you agree with one more than the other and if so, why? Does one or both of the authors neglect to consider something you feel is relevant or important?  Is there anything wrong with one or both of the arguments as presented?  Do you have any evidence or information to show that either of the arguments is incorrect? Do both authors bring up important points in the discussion and if so, how and which ones?  How do the arguments the authors make relate to the concepts we have been discussing in class?

The questions above are not meant to be a laundry list of things must say, instead they are meant as an example of questions you might think about as you begin to formulate your essay. Also, you can use the template for analyzing an article from the critical thinking reading if you are stuck.

This written assignment is not intended to be and intense research paper, however, feel free to include as many or as few outside sources as you like.  Whatever sources you cite or quote from (books, articles, documents from the internet), make sure to be careful to cite them clearly and in the proper format.






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