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  1. Proposal to Create a Police DepartmentBackground Information

    • ï‚·  You have recently been appointed as the Chief of Police of a newly incorporated city within the State of Florida. The city was chartered to operate under the Council-Manager form of government. The City Commission is comprised of five members, Mayor-Commissioner and four City Commissioners, elected to specific areas at large. The City Commission appoints a professional City Manager who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the City. As the Chief of Police, you are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.

    • ï‚·  The incorporated city consists of fifty (50) square land miles with ten (10) square miles of navigable waterways. The permanent population of the city is one hundred thousand with an additional daily tourist population of approximately twenty-five thousand. The racial make-up of the permanent population is 80% white, 14% black, and 6% other. The per- capita income is twenty-seven thousand dollars. The population median age is forty-three. The unemployment rate is 5.6%. Within the city there is a school enrollment of eleven thousand students. Prior to incorporation as a city, the Sheriff’s Office provided all police services to the area.

    • ï‚·  During the incorporation process an agreement was reached with the Sheriff to obtain the building his agency used as a precinct to service the area currently within the city. The student can assume that this building is satisfactory for housing the new Police Department for several years to come. The building also contains a functional communication center with adequate equipment to include portable radios for all police officers.

    • ï‚·  Fully equipped police cruisers, both marked and unmarked, were also obtained from the Sheriff. Therefore as the new Chief of our new city, you need not be concerned about the above mentioned issues.



ï‚· For informational purposes, last year within the area incorporated into the city, the Sheriff’s Office handled 175,000 calls for service. Deputies wrote 41,000 original reports and 21,300 supplemental reports. They investigated 3,021 automobile accidents and wrote 63,099 traffic citations. Deputies made 9,128 criminal arrests including 501 arrests for DUI. They also responded to 5,318 burglary and robbery alarms. 


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