Project #155834 - Analyze and Evaluate from a power point file

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/26/2016 11:59 pm

Attached the PowerPoint file that you will be evaluating which is about this case

You should return to me a word document.


Reply to one other student's thread with new insight based on research. Cite all laws, facts, studies, statistics, etc. and hyperlink the title of sources within the text. Write at least 600 words covering these areas:

  • 1 point - briefly recap what you learned about their case.
  • 2 points - evaluate the accountability of the major players involved in the case.
    • Would you assign different percentages of blame based on what you learned? If so, why?
  • 4 points - analyze which laws and practices work for the governance of accountability and which do not
    For example, consider:
    • What laws were broken in historical and/or current legal cases (cite them)?
    • In your opinion, did those cases result in ethical or unethical outcomes?
  • 3 points - recommend changes to the legal system, corporate and national structures, and user behavior to improve accountability in high-tech industries.


Suggestion (reminder):  for ease of readability be sure to use plenty of paragraph breaks, and consider use of bold subheadings for each of the (4) areas above.


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