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Both the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan and the Italian city-republic of Venice were unusual in that they were both founded on large bodies of water, and not on dry land. Building on water forced both civilizations to develop new sophisticated techniques of engineering and shaped the kind of culture and economy they produced. Using the chapter from Barbara Mundy’s book and the documentary Venice, Venezia, select one aspect of these cities to compare and contrast. You might consider their respective economies, their culture/mythologies, or even the engineering skills they both had to develop. Make sure you clearly identify the two aspects that you are going to examine ,explain them to the reader assume I don't know anything about either city! and highlight the ways in which they were similar or different. Format: The paper is to be 3-5pages long. Double spaced, size 12 font, one-inch margins. The format for citations should be: Mundy,page number


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