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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/25/2016 07:30 am


Persuasive Presentation Requirements:  Five to eight minutes using four sources of references listed on the Bibliography and placed at the end of the outline. A quote must be cited while presenting the speech. Type an outline of the speech. 


 Assignment: You will prepare a speech that has the purpose of persuading your audience. You may persuade them that a certain fact is true, that a certain course of action should be taken, or that they should hold a certain value. Create a well-organized full-sentence outline of your speech. Be sure to indicate where you are using information from sources on the outline.

Find and use quality, reputable sources to back up your argument. 

Instructions: Your speech should be delivered within the time limits set by your instructor. 
Delivery is extemporaneous, from a speaking outline.

Use sources of supporting material in addition to any personal experience you might have. Online resources must conform to our policy on Web Sources (see Course Policies on the syllabus). All sources must be cited orally in your speech. 
Be certain that you follow all college policies regarding plagiarism and academic honesty.

A reference list of all sources should be included on a separate page in APA format. All references included on this list should have been cited in your speech.


The essay needs:

1. Cover Sheet in APA STYLE.

2. Essay. APA STYLE. 950 WORDS.


4. Sources. APA STYLE.



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