Project #155923 - Test shoot review- media

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Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/23/2016 12:00 am 
this is the link to the video where the essay is based on
you need to write as if this was your test shoot
this needs to be due in 12 hours 
 your individual test shoot reflection (800 words) covering the points bellow 
pretend like you were part of this shoot and use the terminology of an a level media student. Especially with camera angles. Cover all questions in an essay form

  • Has your idea translated well to film? Have you made a thriller?
  • Is the pace the right length?
  • Is your idea clear to a viewer?
  • Has tension been created?
  • Have the angles and camera movement you used work? Or could they be developed?
  • Do you need to add or take anyway anything from your test shoot? If so what? And more importantly why?
  • What hasn’t worked, and or could be developed further?
  • What has worked well? And why?
  • Overall thoughts?


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