Project #155926 - Experiental Exercise III

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/26/2016 12:00 am

Culture and Branding”

In many ways, the nexus between “consumers-based brand equity” and specific cultural aspects of branded goods and/or services (e.g., market offerings) is an everyday yet not highly conscious consumer decision. In this exercise, your team is charged with…



Specification, and

[Most of all] Support

So, what exactly does you need to do for this exercise?

1. Search and Select. Search any print media. Then, you can either carefully carefully cut, photograph (very high resolution) or scan selected advertisements. Identify advertisements (it must be printed and scanned) and put into the final submission. a. One advertsement MUST reflect some “position” regarding ETHIC IDENTITY.

b. Another advertsement MUST reflect some “position” regarding GENDER IDENTITY.

c. Another advertsement MUST reflect some “position” regarding GENERATIONAL IDENTITY.

2. Specification. Then, for each (a), (b) and (c), please write how these advertisements reflect the nexus between cultural identity and marketing [promotions]. These can be 50-60 words that are “captions for each “advertisement.”

3. Support. Finally, please be sure that you provide a ful citation (reference) for each advertisement. 

4 pages, type double space.


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