Project #155934 - Presentation about Turkey In 5 hours

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/23/2016 12:00 am

  1. Identify the country (including at least 3 major cities) and discuss why you have selected that country.
  2. Document the communication with one or more persons in the country through email, blog, etc.
  3. Discuss the culture of the country is emphasizing differences with US culture.
  4. List five to ten common expressions the language used in a country with their US equivalents.
  5. Determine the current price of a round-trip ticket for students leaving from the Washington DC area on Dec 1, 2016, and returning on Dec 30, 2016, listing travel restrictions.
  6. Determine the cost of a hotel(s) in the city(ies) and country you selected, listing any restrictions.
  7. Show a map of the country that identifies the city(ies) to which you recommend that students travel.
  8. Show a graphic of the flag of the country.
  9. Describe what the students can expect to eat (e.g. any specialties of the country or region) based on your communications with a person in that country.
  10. Discuss the currency and current exchange rates.
  11. Describe three tourist attractions students can opt to visit while they are there.
  12. Summarize the use of technology in the selected country (e.g., cell phones, computers) sensitivity, empathy, and respect based on your communications with one or more persons in that country and your research.

13. Include a bibliography of at least five sources from which you gathered information.


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