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Social-behavioristic psychology is one of the major lines of investigation that has shaped the course of personality psychology. There are four famous theorists that proposed notable theories in this field:

    • B. F. Skinner—Operant analysis theory
    • Albert Bandura—Social-cognitive theory
    • Julian B. Rotter—Expectancy-reinforcement value model
    • H. S. Sullivan—Interpersonal theory

For the first part of this assignment, you will summarize the life and work of one of these theorists. 

This section should include the following in the given order:

  • A short (100–200 words) biographical sketch of the theorist, including:
    • Early life
    • Education
    • Important publications
  • An outline of the personality structure and dynamics defined by the theory proposed by your chosen theorist.
  • A list of important terms associated with the theory.
  • An outline of the stages of personality development as described by the theory. Note if the theory does not include stages of personality development.
  • Description of how the theory explains the development of pathological behavior.
  • Description of psychological tests associated with the theory.
  • Description of the types of therapy, if any, associated with the theory.

Next, you will analyze the personality of your subject (the subject/famous person you chose in Week 1 Assignment 3 << WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT 3 IS ATTACHED. PLEASE CHECK) using the concepts and terminology of the theory you have chosen from Part 1 of this assignment. Your analysis should include the following:

  • Your subject's personality structure and dynamics
  • Psychological or character types, if part of the theory
  • Possible causes of positive and negative aspects of the subject's personality


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