Project #155979 - 5 page research paper on is technology making people more or less connected?

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/25/2016 04:00 pm

Research paper—English 1302

Minimum 5-7 pages of text and a works cited page (do not use a cover page). MLA documentation should be closely followed. Carefully review information located in the Research and MLA link in the course menu.

You will use a minimum of 5 sources - 1 book, 3 articles (from database or a physical magazine or newspaper- not websites), and 1 of your own choice. Everything will be documented in MLA style.

The first thing you will need to do is decide which research question you want to choose from the list. Choosing to argue an issue will include choosing a current debatable issue from the topics list and supporting one side, persuading your audience that they should support that side as well. You should talk about the opposition in terms of what is wrong with their arguments, as well as give information supporting your own argument (this is your research).

After you have selected a research question, you will need a claim (thesis) which guides your research project. Be sure to include evidence to support your claim, as well as the why or why not explanation to the reader.

(5 sources will be provided on attachment)


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