Project #156013 - Discussion-Creating Value Through Growth Strategies

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Discussion activity focuses on how firms create, acquire, and manage knowledge through innovation strategy. I would like the three discussing activity questions below to be answered in the higher education industry. (Assume I work in an Enrollment office of a college). Originality is important...

Single space about one and a half page long.

Files to be attached for the references.

  1. Relying on the Staircases to growth paper, analyze each of the seven staircases. Which of the seven staircases is your organization using to grow? Which ones would you recommend, why? Does your organization have enough market power so that such growth strategies may help to create value?
  2. Which of the resources (platforms of capabilities) mentioned in this paper is your organization implementing? Explain one by one, how they could be expanded or implemented in your organization. Are they unique resources, why?
  3. Does your organization implement the three horizons approach that McKinsey proposes? If not, make your own proposal for each horizon. Be creative.


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