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You will maintain a PERSONAL CONSUMER LOG during the semester ultimately to understand your drives, consumer habits and brand relationships.  How does your behavior contribute to or impede your path to accomplishment?  Record everything relevant to your consumer relationships with products, brands and habits - what you buy, wish to buy, wish you didn’t buy and even how and why you buy things.  Note anything that you think is relevant to trying to consume or not to consume a lifestyle, product, service, brand or habit – that gives you happiness or detracts from it.


Connect your behaviors to assigned readings and especially to concepts from chapters.  The text and Duhigg are your main secondary references.  You may find other readings that apply to your theme and several are listed in the Bibliography at the end of the syllabus.  Your term paper grade will depend on using your log, the readings, theories and concepts from the text that relate to your behavior. The text has relevance to constructing a meaningful life.  It is about human behavior and how marketers determine targets for their products from this understanding of our behavior.


By mid-semester, using reflexive introspection, you will review your log to find themes and patterns in your own behavior that reveal your effort in trying.  These include personal relationships with brands, shopping habits and cultural issues. Choose a topic to write about that connects your behavior to text concepts including the following found in Chapter 6: the function of attitudes, theory of trying, multiattribute model, tricomponent model, theory-of-reasoned-action model, and any other topics found throughout the text that help make sense of your consumer behavior. The more you write in your log, the more information you will have to reflect upon and thus be able cite in your paper.  The log is your primary research source!


The paper should be a minimum of 8 pages, double-spaced, with a 12-point font. For primary research, use passages from your log. For secondary research, use the text (Schiffman & Wisenblit 2015) and reading assignments, which should be cited in the paper and listed on the reference page. Follow the citation method and reference style for articles and books reflected in the Bibliography section of this syllabus.  


I don't have personal consumer log is because everyday I pretty much doing the same thing over and over again, nothing interesting, therefore, feel free to make something interesting up :) I will also upload the outline for the essay! *Check page 5 for outlines!*   


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