Project #156103 - Housing Exemption Request Letter

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/26/2016 12:00 am

Help me finish my letter to exempt me from staying on campus with good reasons. Minimum 500 words


To whom it may concern, 


I am a spring transfer student, and I am writing to request for housing exemption for this coming spring. 


Prior transferring to Pepperdine University, I have always had a roommate staying with me while I was studying at a community college. Without knowing that there is going to be a residency requirement, my roommate and I have extended our apartment leasing contract together. We bought our furnitures, decorated our new home and even have pets together. 


I am aware that the Housing and Residence Life program is created to provide a good study environment for the students. However, from my past experiences living with groups of people, I find myself being more productive, being able to get more work done when I was staying with just a friend or by myself. This is because I am a very easily distracted person, with a mild attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With that in mind, I understand that dorm life can be inevitably noisy and active at times, I just hope that I can focus on my studies more on my own personal space without any activity surrounding me.  



On the other hand, despite moving off campus, I will be equally, if not more engaged in school activities. With me having a car, I can easily go back and forth campus and my apartment, I will not easily skip class, and be engaged in school activities. 




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