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By completing this assignment, you will have a better understanding of:

1.    Important issues facing the state of Texas.

2.    How these issues have the potential to impact the future.



By completing this assignment, you will have a better understanding of:

1.     How to analyze the issues beyond what is being seen in the news.

2.     How a particular issue fits into the bigger picture of what is happening with Texas government.



For this assignmentchoose one Texas news story (from the past two weeks) that is of particular interest to you and relevant to topics we have covered in this class. You are only required to access one more source besides the story you are writing about and the textbook. Use the story to answer the following questions:

1. How does this story relate to a topic covered in class (worth 25 points)?

2. Who is/will be impacted by the story described (worth 10 points)?  Keep in mind that even though a particular story discusses specific people that are impacted by the situation, it is likely that the unintended consequences resulting from the situation will have an impact on even more people. Who else is likely to be impacted by this situation (worth 5 points)? Why will this particular situation have an impact on these specific people (worth 10 points)?

4. What does this mean for Texas in the future (worth 25 points)?

5. Do some internet research to find this same story reported on by a different source. What are two main differences you can see about their reporting (worth 25 points)?  


Situation                                                                                Explanation

No citations within the essay                                           Will not be graded  

Less than 1 page                                                                 Will not be graded

No works cited                                                                    Will not be graded

Unreliable sources                                                                         -20

*Copied work                                                                                   Will not be graded


*Copied work includes work that is copied and pasted. This may result in academic probation.


Avoiding Plagiarism with this Assignment:


Drop boxes are connected to Turn It In and will provide you with a report about plagiarism. Make sure you have looked at the report and made changes as needed before submitting your final copy (pay attention to the highlighted sections). I will grade based on this report and will not grade any work that does not acknowledge all sources. Each essay is worth 100 points.


Each essay is required to be in your own words. Every time you reference the work of someone else, you must acknowledge that source both in the body of the essay (in-text citations) and on the works cited page (reference page). The reference page needs to be in either MLA or APA format. If you have concerns about this process, be sure to visit or communicate (by email, etc.) with your instructor, the Academic Success Center, or the LSC librarians. We all realize that everyone is coming from different backgrounds in writing and we are more than happy to help you.




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