Project #156155 - Health care Policies

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2016 04:30 pm

Select a healthcare related policy -- either one in existence or (more difficult) one you would propose -- and in a 5-page paper (APA format) explain its purpose and impact.  This paper should include an executive summary, introduction, body (3 pages), conclusion and reference.

Your analysis must include how the policy influences some or all the following realms (5 minimum):

·         The US: A Distinctive System of Healthcare

·         Beliefs, Values, and Health

·         Evolution of the US Healthcare System

·         Health Services Financing

·         Healthcare Professionals, Primary, and outpatient care

·         The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Inpatient Care

·         Long Term Care and Pharmaceuticals

·         Health Services for Special Populations

·         Health Informatics and Medical Technology

·         Cost, Quality, and Access

·         Health Policy, Health Reform, and Ethics

·         The Future of the US Health Care System



 In considering which policy to examine adopt a broad perspective. Appropriate topics range from broad public health initiatives (mandatory seat belt use, prohibition on tobacco advertising, older drinking age) to fiscal influencer (readmission penalties, never events, HIT incentives and penalties, block grants) to operational mandates (CON requirements, limits on training hours, EMTALA, quality improvement initiatives).


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