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I have a group research paper and the only thing I have to do is  1 1/2 page topic medical advances. (Class Sociology)


Instruction:Since its founding as a discipline, sociologists have speculated about the future of various aspects of society.  During your final project for this class, you will join one of three teams to speculate on the future of topics covered in Chapter 15 of your Text Book: Education, Health or Medicine.The final two chapters of your text book, Society: The Basics are all about social change.  These two chapters are broken down into descriptions of :

*      Population, Urbanization and Environment   and

*      Social Change.

In one way or another, these may help us understand what the future holds.  Using these two chapters as a starting point, your Team will speculate on the future of your assigned AREA OF SPECULATION from a sociological perspective, using as much sociological imagination as you can muster. Your Team will speculate on one of three AREAS OF SPECULATION: Education, Health or Medicine.

Your Team's job is to speculate about the future of your AREA OF SPECULATION as it may be influenced by population change, the changing urban environment, the changing ecological environment, and social change. This assignment will require a  five page written summary and a limited Powerpoint Presentation on what your AREA OF SPECULATION may be like in the year 2116, given changing populations, urbanization, environmental change, social change,  and technology.


Resources in creating your presentation (both written summary and Powerpoint) must include: 

> Society: The Basics

> At least five other published sources (books, journals, etc. )

> At least five Internet sources.


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