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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/29/2016 12:00 am

Rubric:  Prepare a presentation for the class based on those discussions. The presentation should be done using PowerPoint. . Do not exceed 20 slides. In addition to 100 points possible in this rubric you will earn up to 10 extra credit points for presentation style (110 possible points and 100 point scale).

  Topic Description Point Value

Case Overview 2-3 slides summarizing your team’s case. 1-10 points

Assess The Environment 2-3 slides assessing the environment in which your firm operates 1-10 points

Cultural Context 2-3 slides describing the cultures your firm encounters and how that impacts their behaviors 1-20 points

Strategy 2-3 slides describing the strategy of your firm. How is it working? What would you do different? 1-20 points

 Human Resources 2-3 slides describing the HR issues presented in your case and how the firm deals with them. What would you do different? 1-20 points

Case Questions Answer the case questions at the end of your case 1-10 points

Conclusion What other recommendations do you have for your firm? 1-10 points



Case Questions: 

1. What were the reason for wal-mart shifting its focus to Africa? Do you think Africa offers good growth prospects for wal-mart in the future?

2. Why did walmart face opposition from trade unions and other government department over its acquisition of Massmart? Do you think the opposition coalition had a vald point in opposing the deal? Justify your answer.

3. hat strategies should Walmart follow to succeed in a market like Africa with its low income levels and high poverty incidence? Do you think its low-cost model will be successful in Africa? Give reasons to support your answer.

Book: International Management 

Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Rext and Cases Ninth Edition, Helen Deresky.


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