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Research Project – 3 parts.

Report: Written, Visual and Oral presentation. 

Choice of two formats:

1.     Creature Feature – scroll down to fill out research form, including 1- 2 page report on your particular creature Visual and oral presentation. See written report requirements in part 3 below.

2.     Trip to American Museum of Natural History   Photo essay, Each photo should have one paragraph explaining what it is. Copy and submit captions in the space below. Receipt required. Info not from the museum should be footnoted. 

Plagiarism means copying wording written by someone else. Writing must be 100% original wording or clearly marked quotation, using italics, or quotation marks in addition to footnote. Internet sources – must include author: person,  government agency, university etc.. not just url address. No wikepedia /unsourced.  Bibliography aid:


Visual images on poster, powerpoint or handout . Photos may have simple captions but no word-only slides. Poster must be clear and organized.

 Oral  presentation or  2-3 minutes. Point and talk – be an expert.


Choice A: Independent trip to American Museum of Natural History

with dated receipt.  Photo essay of 10 photographs.  Evolution and adaptations of one or several creatures photographed. One -two paragraphs per photo required, instead of a research paper. List sources only if other than the Museum's printed guides. Use quotation marks to indicate Museum or other source wording.

Choice B: Creature highlight.

 Many creatures that inhabit our planet are weird and other-worldly.  In this project choose an exotic creature. Explain how its unusual body is organized. Describe its adaptations to its environment and evolution. What is its history with humans?  Are there any environmental issues?

Possible Animals:  Giant squid, clams,, Ocotopus, Hydra, Lobsters, sea stars,

tube worms, sea stars, Sponges, Jellyfish group, parasitic worms, other by approval                                                               

Complete the following Report Form For creature feature if it's an Animal. Include both classification and creature highlights in your presentation.

My Featured Creature is  -

A .Animal Basics, If your creature is an animal refer to Chapter 18 and answer these questions: 

100% original wording plus clearly marked quotations, including source and page number if printed text

1. Describe the formation of an animal embryo. Include zygote, blastula and the three germ layers

 2. What are the two types of animal symmetry? What is the symmetry for your animal?

 3. Does your animal have a body cavity?

4. What are some features of all members of the Kingdom Animalia?

For the sections below, refer to chapters 18 and 19.

Part 2: Classification of chosen animal

 PHYLUM The phylum of this  animal is   -    subphylum-

a.    Describe features of animals of this phylum. Explain all terms. If your animal is a vertebrate, include subphylum Vertebrata features as well 

 b. List and describe several prominent examples of creatures in this phylum

 c.  CLASS The class of this animal is _____________________

Features and examples of creatures in this class _________________

 d. Family, Order,  and scientific name of the creature. Examples and Description

PART Three – Creature Feature.  __________________________

One to two pages Include the following:

  1. Unique features, and how it is similar to others in its groups
  2. Adaptations to its environment and way of life
  3. Interesting behaviors and survival mechanisms.
  4. Environmental connection – what are its survival prospects for the future?
  5. Human connection – how it interacts with humans
  6. List sources (not just url, include author or organization)


I am doing CHOICE B (Creature Feature) I am doing this project on the fat tail scorpion. And when they say refer to chapters 18 and 19 they are talking about in my biology book (Concepts and connections, eigth edittion) Picture is posted in file 1.


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