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HN300-1: Analyze the impact of historical events, legislation, political ideologies, economic and social class systems and attitudes on service delivery.

GEL-1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

Use the internet and the Kaplan library to research one social policy currently in effect today. Using the process outlined on the CDC website, perform a comprehensive evaluation of the policy you have chosen. Be sure to include the following elements in your evaluation:

·       Clearly identify one social policy currently in effect today. 

·       Describe the population and the particular needs this policy is designed to meet.

·    NOTE: The following required elements are outlined on the CDC Briefs 1–7

·       Identify and attempt to engage stakeholders (discuss who they are and how this might be done in an actual policy evaluation)

·       Provide a complete description of the program or policy.

·       Focus the evaluation design--determine whether your evaluation should focus on content, implementation or impact. Discuss your reasoning and the process of your evaluation, including the questions you will be asking.

·       Gather credible evidence—using the internet and the Kaplan Library, research evidence of the effectiveness of the policy you are evaluating.

·       Make and justify your conclusions--Discuss whether the policy is effective at meeting the needs of the population it is designed to serve. Be sure to provide sound and complete reasoning for your opinion and remember to support your conclusions on the effectiveness of the policy with your research.

·       Discuss how the results of evaluation might be used (this is the “Ensure Use and Lessons Learned” step from the CDC website).

·       Make specific recommendations for updating your policy and/or improving its effectiveness. Again be sure to support these recommendations with your research.

·       Finally, in your discussion, analyze the impact of historical events, legislation, past and present political ideologies, economic and social class systems and public and private attitudes on service delivery under this policy.

NOTE: There are examples of policy evaluations in the Appendices of the CDC website and Briefs.

Your Assignment should:

·       Be presented in the form of a well-written college level document.

·       Use an expository essay format, 12 point font and double spacing.

·       Be 3–5 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.

·       Include a title page and Reference page. 

·       Include at least two references, in addition to the Reading material from this unit, in support of your observations and conclusions using proper APA formatting and citation style.

·       Be written in Standard American English.

Establish and maintain a clear and logical viewpoint.


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