Project #156241 - Paper on Abusive head trauma

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 09:00 am

The paper is mostly completed it is just in need of editing and working on organization. I have attached the graded paper with all of the feedback on it. Please read ALL comments and edit accordingly. You will need to do some of your own research and add in sources as needed. You also need can replace the figures if you find more revelevnt ones. Just make sure you explain the figures well in the paper. Figure 2 for should be placed as you will see based on the feedback. At least three new sources. The MCDB Biological Literature Review section should have the following new subheadings and please only include relevent information in each section. The flow and organization of the paper is VERY important.

The subheading under the biologogy section should be:

  • Causes of abusive head trauma

-focus mostly on the biology as it is the biology section

  • Cellular Molecular brain changes
  • Gross brain changes
  • Dectection of abusive head trauma 
  • Physician's Role

Please make sure you focus on the biology of abusive head trauma in the biolgy section. Also edit other sections based on the comments and edit for flow/grammer.



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