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Talking about Cruise ship industry ( Tourism cruise ships  )


Report should look like:


I. The Players and Trade Regime


First, identify the major players in the industry (Cruse-ships industry) : the major countries and firms involved. Try to identify the different main production stages involved and some of the main firms and countries involved at each stage. You want to study how the international division of labor works. Essentially your first step is to depict the global value chain(s) for your industry segment.



II. Trade Regime and Stratification


This is a major part of the report, where you go beyond the mere economic facts and delve into the political and social sensitivities entailed by global trade in the segment you have chosen. Such sensitivities can range from minimal to highly volatile; in either case, you should explain why this is so!  Your analysis might consider the world system framework of core/semi periphery/periphery. If you think it does not apply, feel free to propose a different framework.


Next, look at the “trade regime” for your segment: any special rules and regulations that govern cross-border trade. Are there particular trade barriers or specific international agreements regulating how business is conducted in your segment?


III. Tensions and opportunities of globalization


In this section, you will provide the conclusions stemming from your analysis in the preceding sections.  Conclusions might involve such topics as hot issues to track , winners and losers, or future anticipated developments, among various possibilities.


Long executive summary: In addition, you should write up a summary of your report that should be about 1000 words long.  You will therefore be expected to condense a lot of information into a few pages.  The 1000 word target excludes tables, graphs, exhibits, appendices, references, and cover page, if any.  In other words, tables, graphs and exhibits do not count towards the word limit and thus there is no limit on their use.  You are therefore encouraged to convey information in graphical or non-verbal ways.  Creativity will go a long way towards helping you express your ideas in a short report!


The paper should have a professional appearance. This means:

  • No grammar or spelling errors (including foreign names and words).
  • Tables, graphs and exhibits should have a title and give source of data, and should be referenced in the text of the report.
  • All references used in the report should be listed in an appendix, in a common format (e.g., MLA).
  • All pages (except the cover, if you include one) should be numbered, double spaced, with margins of 1 inch (1”) all around, and 12-pitch font.
  • Sections, paragraphs, and other subdivisions of the report should be clearly marked.



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