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Go to the following link or view the second page of the instructions for some helpful websites: or any other job links Indeed, Monster


 -Create a PowerPoint presentation sharing the information collected. Include the following:






Average starting salary
Average hours worked in a week
Educational requirements
Experience needed
Computer skills needed (
be very specific)
Are jobs available in this area (
The importance of computer knowledge in this job field
What other classes would have to be taken to gain the computer skills necessary for this position?




What other classes would give you background for the position ie; Medical


When creating the PowerPoint presentation, the following must be included .


Minimum of 8 topic slides
The following 5 formatting slides:


1.       Terminology if the job is for medical coding and billing


2.       Cover Introduction


3.       Summary Closing


4.       References


5.       MLA or APA formatting is required (in-text citations or footnotes). You can include these in the speaker notes.




Choose a design that is relevant to the topic and easily readable when projected. Insert at least 3 pictures (clip-art or original pictures) into the slides


Use at least 3 animation techniques
Insert either a table or chart into one of the slides


Apart from the above slides add 1 – 4 slides of any application software or hardware that goes with the career you have chosen and very briefly summarize describe something about it. There is no need for any extensive details.






These sites can be used to explore personality traits, find occupational information, and assist individuals in career decision making.


Personality: Temperament & Character Administration Majors


Career Key




Job Profiles


ETA Individuals – Career Exploration


Occupational Outlook Handbook


Job Smart Home


What Can I do with a Major in...?


Careers for Business


Careers for Communications


Careers for Computer Science


Careers for Education Majors


Careers for Engineering Majors


Careers for Natural Science





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