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please read and answer each part carfully (8 pages total required )

Write a well-organized essay on each of the two questions below. Each Answer is worth
15 points for a total credit of 30 points for the entire exam. As you prepare youranswers be sure you are addressing the issues raised in each prompt. You may use anysources you wish in addition to the material from the assigned readings, lectures anddiscussion.  If you chose to use footnotes instead of identifying sources in the text youmay use any of the three major systems: Chicago, MLA, APA. To cover the materialadequately each questions will probably require a 4-5 page double spaced exposition.However, you will not be graded on the basis of the length of your essays. Do notinclude irrelevant or extraneous materials.

1. The “Axial Age” and its aftermath saw the development of the “Great Traditions”which shaped all subsequent human cultural development and continue to thisday to influence modern societies. Examine the distinctive features of thesetraditions from the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity and Judaism) to their Chinese


(Confucianism and Taoism), Indian (Vedic Brahmanism, Hin2. Professor Gary Anderson in his article “The Current of Creation” is concernedwith one of the most distinctive aspects of the Abrahamic Faiths and how itdeveloped. Analyze step by step his argument on the evolution of Charity inJudaism and Christianity, its distinction from contemporary paganism and itsinfluence on the Abrahamic faiths.  Discuss in general what his article tells usabout the evolution of ideas and their transmission to other traditions andcultures.






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