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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 12:00 am

My art film instructor told me to write about a film called "Children of men" which released in 2006, and the director is Alfonso Cuarn by using good resources. 

Here what the instructor told me 

For the thesis statement: 
Your annotated bibliography must include at least four scholarly sources (by this, I mean a properly
formatted citations of each source you will use in your final paper, and underneath each a paragraph summarizing the information and insight you gleaned from that source). 

Your thesis statement must be clear, rich, arguable, and fleshed
out. It should identify the main points of your argument and link the patterns you have observed in your film to the broader meanings you are going to argue that they have. A thesis statement should not tease the reader or be ambiguous; it should lay out a perfectly clear road map which the rest of the paper will travel and explore. An ideal thesis is almost like a machine that writes the paper for you. 

For the actual paper: 
organized final draft of 1500
2000 well
written words, including an introduction which ends with a clear thesis statement, sufficient main body paragraphs to prove the points of the thesis (identifying salient patterns, arguing for their meaning, illustrating all ideas with examples, deploying your research using in
text citations of scholarly sources), a conclusion which reaches beyond the thesis (a conclusion is not a summary), and simple bibliography in MLA style (remove the annotations for the final draft). 

Please use simple vocabulary words.

Source usage 

Feel free to use your own sources


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