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case study

  • peter 40 yrs old, single.
  • having frequent and serious interpersonal conflict at workplace & home.
  • seeked help from diffrent mental health professionals problem seem unresolved.
  • someone suggested psychotherapy.



  1. how peter may benefit from psychoanalytic therapy
  2. how peter may benefit from other modalities in order to overcome some of the limitations of psychoanalytic therapy.




paragraph 1: introduction

paragraph 2: - apply psychoanalytic therapy for peter.

                    - describe the therapeutic process involved in        

                     treating his condition and explain by key        


                    - explain the stages and processes involved (initial, middle & late stages). - stages are explained below.

paragraph 3: - critique psychoanalytic approach

                    -  explain by key limitation of 

                      psychoanalytical approach.

paragraph 4: - how peter may benefit other modalities.

                      explain goal of psychoanalytic.

                    - to overcome the limitation of this approach.

paragraph 5: conclusion


(para 2) psycho therapy process. initial, middle & late stages.

 Initial stage

  • identify problem
  • patient is invited to lie on the couch
  • explain psychoanalysis
  • understand id,ego,superego and in the construction of human personality
  • identify defense mechanism (repression,denial,reaction formation,projection,displacement,rationalization,sublimation,regression & introjection)
  • address clients anxiety (reality anxiety,neurotic anxiety & moral anxiety)

        middle stage

  • employ techniques for psychoanalysis
  1. free association
  2. transference
  3. dream analysis
  • explore childhood issues (psychosexual stages) oral,anal phallic,latent & genital

don't have the provide all psycho sexual stages. a few will do.


        late stage

  • interpret materials derived from unconscious
  • allow clients to make sense of the interpretation in relation to presenting issues
  • personality reconstuction



  • In every part of the essay link peter and his interpersonal issue.
  • 8 refrences, Apa format with citations. (yr not earlier than 2006)
  • no plagarism
  • clear paragraphing
  • 2000 word count
  • please cover the entire psychoanalytic therapy
  • don't miss out on any part of the expected criteria. thanks.

please submit by due date. 

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