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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2016 08:00 pm

Please review the following 10 topics below. Select 3 topics and write a one page overview for each. In your minimum 1 page response, please include the following: 

1) Describe the topic; 2) Describe the significance of the topic in US History and how it affected Americans; 3) Can we see the consequences of these events in our lives today? Why or why not?


* Start each answer by typing the topic and chapter number in bold letters, then type your answer.


  1. Underlying Weaknesses of the 1920s economy (ch. 24)

  2. The Bull Market and the Crash (ch. 24)

  3. A Global Crisis and the Election of 1932 (ch. 24)

  4. A New Deal for the Indians (ch. 24)

  5. Pearl Harbor (ch. 25)

  6. Organizing the War Economy (ch. 26)

  7. The Atomic Bomb (ch. 25)

  8. The policy of Containment (ch. 26)

  9. The National Security Act (ch. 26)

  10. McCarthyism (ch. 26)


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