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Students must both address the Discussion Forum issue(s), as well as comment on the posts of a minimum two of their classmates to adequately complete the assignment. There is no minimum or maximum length as long as all the issues are fully addressed.





Before completing the discussion forum assignment, watch the following video:

Does Money Make You Mean?

Dr. Piff's research suggests that wealth makes people feel more entitled and, for lack of better terms, makes them more mean and greedy. While I have not done any formal research in this area, I have noticed that when I get tailgated or cut off on the road it is, more often than not, either 1. a teenager or 2. an expensive vehicle.  Have you had any experiences to support Dr. Piff's conclusions?  If so, please discuss.  How do you feel about the notion that simply having money makes you more entitled and, thus, more likely to break the rules to get more?  Explain which theory of white-collar crime best matches with Dr. Piff's findings.


Classmates responses to comment on:


1-    I believe it is true that more money makes a person feel invincible. Just like the monopoly example, I have experienced people playing video games, and as they start to win they become arrogant. I think that people with money react this way because this world is fueled by money. It is all about material things and how much you can afford in this era. If someone has money they basically can do as they please. This problem can be found everywhere even in our government. My girlfriend had an experience where a nice brand new Lexus made an illegal turn creating traffic. She has a 2008 scion and was right behind the Lexus, the officer saw the traffic, pulled her over instead of the Lexus and she left with a warning. People with money feel entitled to everything because money controls life nowadays. Sutherland's differential association theory would best fit Dr. Piff's findings because the person develops a new behavior when they gain more money.


2- Wealth is something they can come and go and it is something that everyone will react to in different ways. Some people may have been born into a wealthy family and not really have any idea what it is like to not have money or live in a lower class society. While Other people could be the opposite and born into a poor lower class family.Either way I do not believe that the wealth factor would have any affect on wether or not the lower class person or higher class person would be anymore men then the other. Some people are just more greedy then others and tend to be ruder while others just tend to be sweeter to others naturally but they could be extremely wealthy. 

In my opinion I do have to agree that people with money tend to be the ones who get away with things more often just because they have the money to either pay for the things or even have more connections or knowledge. But it is also true that people with money are usually the ones making the rules, like for examples our law makers are always wealthy people and presidents. 


2-    After watching the video, I believe that Dr.Piff''s  is  so right about wealth makes people feel entitled and kind of above everyone else. I believe money do make a lot of people feel and certain ways in life. Having lot of money can bring  the devil out a lot people, which will make them so uneasy to deal with. Most people with lots of money see less fortunate people as if they were less than people and  beneath them. I have worked for security company in a residential building on Brickell for a few years. I have met people with money and people with lots of money. My experience working there was kind of like a study on how certain people with large amount of money behave towards less fortunate people. People with lots of money would not treat others with respect. They like of patience and quick to use aggressive language... Also, these people are always try to get people fired for any apparent reason. I do believe having money make certain people feel that they more entitled to do what others would never not do. Also, they feel like they can break rules whenever they feel like it, and some instances they feel like making their own rules. The theory of white-collar crime that best matches Dr. Piff's findings would be the differential association theory developed by Edwin Sutherland.

4- After watching the video I believe that Dr.Piff is right and that wealth does make people feel more entitled and mean and greedy but I don’t believe that the research he showed in the video would be enough to determine that. I do have some experience to support his research, I have a family member who was poor and would always talk to the family and keep track of them but when his business started to take off he made millions and eventually ended up ignoring the whole family and moved far away from everyone, when he was middle class he would often times give money to charity and pay people to do house work for him but eventually it came to the point that he would want so much more money that he stopped giving to people in need and would also start doing everything himself in order to not have to pay any workers money even though it was obvious that his health was deteriorating, now after some years and reaching an old age he has changed a bit and realized that not everything revolves around money but he still says that he wants his money to be buried with him.

I believe that people do feel more entitled to break the rules when they have more money I’ve seen countless examples of people with good cars take a red light or stop signs to make it on time without thinking about the safety of others but I also believe that this isn’t enough evidence because I have also seen young people with bad cars do the same thing and I believe that while money does play a factor a bit it also relies on how a person’s personality is. The theory that I believe best fits this would be the Differential Association theory by Edwin Sutherland, the reason I believe this is that the example of my family member shows how this theory works because he was able to make money he started to adapt to the fact that he was better than everyone else and communicating with people of his standards and when he was richer eventually his behavior changed even more. Now that’s not to say that everyone is like this because I personally know people with money that I would trust because of how honest and respectful they are.


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