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ECO101 Foundations of Microeconomics


Team Project 


The purpose of this project is to promote the relevance and importance of basic economic concepts in the real world.


Topic and Task Requirements:

Each group needs to find a market for a specific product or service and identify two events which affected the market (one affecting the demand and one affects the supply). Your report must analyze the impact of the two events on the market individually with the help of relevant diagrams and proper explanation. This must be followed by an analysis which considers the two events happening simultaneously (showing the analysis graphically with proper explanation).  


Examples for some markets: 


• The market for Japanese cars in Saudi Arabia; 
• The market for mobile phones in Saudi Arabia; 
• The market for chocolate; 
• The market for airlines; 
• The market for telecommunication services; 
• The market for insurance services 
• The market for shares in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere; 
• The market for any kind of beverages such as Pepsi; 
• The market for any kind of foods such as rice and lamp; 
• The market for gold 
• The market for oil; 
• The market for education; 


Examples for some events:


• The wars in the region such as in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen…etc. 
• The heat in weather in recent years during summer; 
• The decline in oil price recently; 
• The opening of the stock market to foreigners; 
• The rising attractions in Dubai; 







• The huge infrastructure projects in Riyadh like the metro project and the economic and financial centres; 
• The unemployment and Saudization policy; 




• The assignment is to be submitted by Academic Week 10 in the class. It has to be a hard copy;
• You need to use computer software to do the assignment. No hand written assignment will be accepted;
• Plagiarism and cheating or copying from another group would result in zero marks for both parties. 


Expected Outcomes: 

We expect this assignment will allow students to appreciate the relevance and importance of the concepts they learn during the subject in the real world.


Report Format:

Each team (maximum of 2 students) will produce a written report of three pages as follows: 

1- Cover page 
2- Introduction of the market (for the product or service you have selected). Identify the key players/stakeholders in the market.
3- Identify/analyse a major event that has affected the demand side of the market.
4- Identify/analyse a major event that has affected the supply side of the market.
5- Analyse the effect of the two events together.
6- Conclusion.



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