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1. Describe why it is important for service plans to be individualized and include input from the individual for whom the plan is being created for.

2. Identify and describe the difference between a goal and an objective in a service/treatment plan.

3. Describe how monitoring can occur in the case management process. Moreover, indicate why conducting face to face visits with clients can be effective in the assessment and treatment planning process.

4. Describe why it is important to consider social factors (i.e., culture/race, socioeconomic status, age, etc.) when considering assessment and treatment planning in the human services profession. You can answer this question by providing case examples.

5. Provide an example of concrete, observable and measureable objective which one might find in a service plan for an elderly caucasian male of above average intelligence who requires transportation to and from his employment. Notably, this individual also experiences relatively few social supports, has never used public transportation, yet has the capacity to do so.

6. Marty is a 24 year old, African American male. Marty has been diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder; however, he has not had an episode of significant depression or mania for the past year given his continued medication management which he has obtained through a local community mental health center several miles from his home. Prior to his becoming stabilized on his current medication regimen, Marty was in and out of psychiatric hospitals throughout his teens and although not currently suicidal, has attempted suicide in the past. Marty currently lives with extended family and has a good relationship with his family members. Notably, Marty's family members assist Marty in ensuring continued medication compliance and attendence by providing transportation to his appointments with the psychiatrist given Marty's lack of a car for transportation. Marty has expressed to you that he would like to further develop his independence and would like to have his own appartment and car within 12 months. Additionally, he has expressed that a barrier to accomplishing this goal is a current lack of employment. Marty has had employment in the past, working in retail and previous employers have described Marty as likeable and hard working. Marty has graduated high school and is currently enrolled in a local university where he is pursuing a degree in accounting.  Marty has also expressed that he would like to obtain employment relevant to his education; however, he reports he is unsure of where to look. Marty also appears to possess above average intelligence and well developed social skills.  Identify Marty's strengths, challenges, and develop a concise service plan with at least two goals and objectives which would be relevant based upon what Marty has reported.




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