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Paper Prompt


Prompt:  Use your article portfolio to answer the following question:  How did the media’s coverage of key issue(s)/topic(s) throughout the 2016 Presidential Election influence vote choice in this particular election?

  • I will attach my notes and my article portfolio.  

In order to answer this question, you should consider the following:

·             What topics/issues are repeatedly examined in the media coverage?  Essentially, you’re looking for patterns in the articles you’ve collected in your article portfolio.  This is a question of media priming, which issues/topics are covered most frequently?

·             Through which lens was the topic/issue repeatedly examined—positive, negative, neutral?  This is a question of media framing; through which lens is the topic/issue examined?

·             How do you think the answers to these previous questions will or did influence voters’ decision in the general election?


Possible issues/topics the media may have covered are:

·             Race Relations in America

·             Gender in America

·             Religion in America

·             Immigration Policy in America

·             Class Division in America

·             The News Media

·             Political Advertising

·             Character of Candidates

·             Economy in America


Picking the Issue or Topic:  Your first step is to determine what issue(s) or topic(s) was/were most prevalent in this election.  There may be many that come up repeatedly, you may pick one or you may decide to pick several. 


How to do that:

·             Start with your “Article Portfolio”

·             Find “key words” that come up repeatedly throughout your portfolio

·             Pick the issue(s) or topic(s) most common in your article portfolio



Unpacking the Frame of the Issue or Topic:  Your second step is to determine what different “media frames” were used to present the issue/topic. 


How to do that:

·             Go back to your “Article Portfolio”

·             Look at the “Takeaway”

·             Find patterns here, do you see that the articles are presenting similar conclusions?




Determining Effects on Voting Behavior:  Your third step is to determine whether or not the priming and framing of issues influenced for whom voters would/did choose in the 2016 General Presidential Election.


How to do that:

·             Go to the Polls.

·             Find Polls that measure public opinion on your issue(s)/topic(s) over time.

·             Determine whether or not public opinion shifted over the course of this Campaign cycle.

·             Determine whether these shifts benefit one candidate over another.

·             Draw conclusions from the evidence


Here are some reliable sources for polls:








Structure:  You will divide your essay into the following sections:

1.          Introduction:  (Approximately 1-2 pages)  Describe the media’s coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election.  You will reference the relevant articles from your portfolio.  Present your thesis:  How did this media coverage affect the vote choice citizens made?


2.          Voter Behavior Analysis:  (Approximately 1-2 pages)  Discuss how public opinion on the issue/topic you identified was influenced by the media coverage.  Connect to your thesis.  This section is providing the evidence for your thesis.


3.          Conclusion (Approximately 1 page) Restate the thesis, provide an overview of the evidence in support of the thesis, offers a personal reflection on the 2016 election.


Note:  A final note on the structure of your paper:  Although your paper is divided into three separate sections, it still needs to read as a single argument.  You must use transitions to help your reader move from one section to the next.



  • Please follow the format 

·             Subheadings:  Use the following three subheadings to separate the parts of your paper—Introduction, Campaign Advertisement Analysis, , and Conclusion

·             4-5 pages

·             Double-spaced

·             One-inch margins

·             Times New Roman, Size 12 font

·             Use a Running Header that includes: Last name, and page number

·             Works Cited—need to cite the source of all of the polls that you use.  You may also need to cite sources, if you research your candidate.  There is no source limit.

·             Title Page:  Title of your paper, First and Last name, Date, and Course Name



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