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Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 11:00 pm

The letter must be on a plant or animal in the state of New York that is on the brink of extinction due to the effect on the enivorment below are the guidelines to the letter just one oage wriiten and the second page needs to be a graph the details and requirements are below. 

Guidelines for High Impact Scientific Issue Assignment

A.   Format

a.     First page: One page single space typed on plain white standard letter sized paper

b.     Second page: tabular data/ graph and references in AMA format

c.     Addressed to Representative(s) from the state

d.     Times New Roman PT 12 only for all pages

e.     Date at the top of the first page

f.      Your first name/lastname at the bottom of the page

B.    Content

a.     Introductory paragraph

                                               i.     Provides an overview

                                             ii.     States a goal or thesis

b.     Supporting paragraphs containing your point of view on a political issue

                                               i.     Minimum of three excellent reasons supporting your point of view

                                             ii.     Evident that a great amount of research was put into the paper

                                            iii.     Provide scientific evidence for your perspective

                                            iv.     Tabular/ graphical data highly relevant to your point of view/ argument

                                             v.     Show development of ideas

c.     Anecdotes are not acceptable as evidence

d.     Make a reference to a relevant law or a part of a law (i.e. Affordable Care Act) that concerns your scientific issue

e.     Opposing view paragraph

                                               i.     Mentions the perspective that opposes your view point

                                             ii.     Shows how the opposing view point is weaker or does not address the scientific issue

f.      Conclusion – strongly states personal opinion

g.     References

                                               i.     AMA format

                                             ii.     Must be properly cited (contain authors, article title, journal name, publication year, volume, issue, pages)


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