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Students will complete one (1) case study. Students should select a case study from the textbook and answer the questions at the end of the case study. Answers should be between 4 – 5 pages of text and include information related to the topic from at least eight (8) outside sources. In addition to the 4 – 5 pages of text, include a cover page and references. The case study is due Week 10. Note: Some topics are not as broad as others. Therefore, select a topic that has sufficient information available to meet the requirements of this assignment.

I have listed a case study below please let me know if this case study will not allow for a long enough paper.

CASE: Unilever Jumps on the Flexible Work Bandwagon

In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of positive employment practices, the Anglo-Dutch consumer products firm Unilever recently created a new policy that grants flexible work arrangements to 100,000 individuals. This number represents almost all of the company's employees, minus some production workers who operate in factories. A trial run of the Agile Working program was conducted at one worksite, which led to the introduction of the process to many thousands of other employees several years later. There are plans to offer the program to select factory workers. Unilever also purchased equipment such as laptops, webcams, and smartphones to help individuals complete their work outside of the office. Employees have responded favorably to the technology, indicating that it helps them function effectively from remote locations.

   These changes required a whole new way of thinking in the company, and the leadership approach that was used to guide human resources was changed dramatically. For example, managers pay less attention to some of the more traditional requirements and standards of work, such as looking good, working long hours, and having good attendance. Instead, they focus on how well employees complete their work based on expected results.

   The managers at Unilever sold the idea of Agile Working by focusing on a number of points:

  •  Videoconferencing and other distance communication would cut travel costs.
  •  Technology enhancements would help improve workplace efficiency and effectiveness.
  •  The physical office requirements in different facilities would be decreased significantly.
  •  Employee job satisfaction should increase based on a more concerted focus on work–life balance.
  •  Flexible work opportunities should enhance worker engagement and retention.

   The results of the program have been positive overall. Employees claim to be more satisfied on the job, and the company has enjoyed stronger hiring trends. Workers also report being healthier and less stressed out about their employment situations.57


  • 1. Based on Unilever's Agile Working program, what else can human resource professionals do to facilitate work–life balance in organizations? What other opportunities could Unilever offer its employees to enhance work–life balance?
  • 2. What is your opinion of Agile Working? Do you think there are any disadvantages associated with this flexible work arrangement?

This assignment must also include an abstract and reference page. It must also not be written in the first person. example, where it says what is your opinion don't say "I or My opinion is... just talk about agile working and use others opinions.   

Grading rubric the professor will use to score caser study:  

Understanding of Theory/Concept

Student has an excellent understanding of the concepts


Identification of Main Issues/Problems

Student is able to clearly identify the issues/problems



Student is able to make a connection between the theory and problem and come up with realistic & appropriate recommendations



Student is able to hold class interest; has good eye contact, responded to class questions and finished within the allocated time


Writing Mechanics

Assignment is well written, clear, concise, and appropriate references are used. Few, if any, grammatical errors


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