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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2016 12:00 am

Your Met Museum essay will address one work of art located in the European Painting galleries. The object's creation date should fall sometime between the late 15th century (late 1400s) and 1799. The paper should be approximately 2 pages, 12 pt type double spaced, and total between 450 and 550 words.

Direction of paper: within the first paragraph, please provide the artist, title and date along with no more than two sentences recounting the artist's birthdate, birthplace and/or principal location active (where did the artist spend the majority of his or her career?). From there the paper should provide a unique visual description of the work while incorporating some combination of (a) the historical events surrounding the work's creation and/or (b) an accurate account of the subject matter depicted.

Do not submit sentences lifted directly from exterior sources. Should you deem it necessary to cite an external source, you must present the information cited using your own words and provide a footnote or endnote. In general, if the information being recounted in your paper strikes you as being exclusive to a writer rather than common knowledge, you should provide a note. Parenthetical notes are fine. For further information regarding notation and plagiarism, see "How to Avoid Plagiarism," which has been uploaded to the content section of Blackboard.


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