Project #156576 - Research

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Subject Art
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/01/2016 03:00 pm

1. the biographical information (title, artist, date, country).  

2. description with enough detail to create a clear verbal picture of what you have chosen. 

3. historical context. This is where the majority of your research will lie. 

You must give

A. info about the artist (short bio that includes info about h/his other work) 

B. information about significant historical events or context in which the work was created that is relevant to the particular art movement and/or the art itself, 

C. the style of painting/sculpture or movement that your chosen piece is representative of, 

D. the characteristics the piece has that are representative of that style or movement, 

4. analysis of the work. This, as you know, is the discussion of the various elements of the work itself. 

5. your interpretation. 

Your interpretation/argument must be supported by the facts that you included earlier in the paper.

6.  value.

This will include the importance or value of the work when it was first created as well as now with supporting detail.

7. your personal opinion of the piece and why.

8. your opinion of the museum experience as a whole.


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