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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 11:00 am

For your final paper, please choose one of the below topics. Papers should be 6-8 pages, 12 point font double spaced. My grading rubric is as follows:


1. Does the paper have the basics: descriptive title (5), right length and font size (10), free from excessive careless errors (10)? 20 points

2. Has the student answered each part of the question? 15 points

3. Does the essay reveal an understanding of the topic? Does the essay indicate that the student has done the assigned readings and thought about them and understood them (10)? Does the essay include at least one quote from each of the readings with a citation, and are those quotes introduced and explained (10)? 20 points

4. Is the essay well written?  Is the first sentence engaging (5)?  (5) Does each paragraph have a point? (10)  Does each sentence make sense? (10)  25 points

5. Does the student provide reasons and/or facts in order to support his or her claims? 20




1. The Mind Body Problem and Dualism



What is the mind-body problem? How does Descartes solve it?  Explain one of his arguments for dualism and analyze its strength. Is it valid? Is it sound?  Explain your answer.  What is Princess Elizabeth’s criticism of Descartes’ argument?  How does he respond?  Is his response adequate?  Why or why not?




Reread my chapter 1 and 2.


Read Descartes’ 6th Meditation.  You can find both the 5th and 6th at the link below, but you need only read the 6th:


Read Princess Elizabeth’s correspondence with Descartes.  I’m linking to a page with many of her letters, but you need only read the letter under “Elisabeth writes on” and Descartes’ response to it. (Her letter starts on page 4 of the document/ page 7 of the PDF):



Listen to a BBC radio program on the Mind-Body Problem:


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